The History of Lindsay House

Lindsay House is a historical Armidale treasure which has been refurbished to bring a modern touch to this beautiful piece of history. Lindsay House is located close to Armidale’s CBD where it overlooks Central Park.

Lindsay House was originally named after Edith Dulce Lindsay. Once the home and business practice of Dr. Walter Eli Harris, whom the building was built for in 1917. Dr Walter Eli Harris was born in Sydney in 1876 and was educated at Sydney Grammar School before then attending Sydney University graduating in medicine with a master of surgery before then moving back to Armidale to open his own practice.

The home was later purchased by the University of New England in 1972 before then being privately purchased and restored in 1999.
Since then Lindsay House has been purchased by Pam and Harley who have restored the home to its original beauty while still adding a modern touch to this beautiful piece of Armidale’s history.

Lindsay House has been a guest house for years now with guests enjoying the house and its atmosphere along with everything else Armidale has to offer. Armidale enjoys four seasons, waterfalls, cafes and pubs.